Saddlers close, Hout Bay



Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, with superb views of mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, a magnificent manor house rests against Hout Bay’s slopes. A fine dwelling that brings to mind a Cape farmstead, with large grounds, an expansive lawn, and a landscaped garden. The main building is constructed to the highest quality and attention to detail, with spacious, double-volume living spaces, open roof trusses, and verandas towards the mountain and the sea. Natural materials like wood and local stone abound. Following the slope towards the ocean, and linked to the manor house with gentle walkways, four luxurious, self-contained units are gently tucked into the earth. Their roofs are planted with foliage and they become one with the landscape. Each with its own swimming pool, these tranquil dwellings are completely private, with terraces on each side. There are sea views to the south, and wind-sheltered mountain views to the north. Comfortable and inviting, these buildings embrace and nurture guests while they savour their surroundings.