Our favourite iconic lights.


Lighting is such an important tool in interior design. It can highlight a design aspect, create depth and even make a space look bigger. Its benefits are endless to helping a space come alive and set the mood for any occasion. Lights are the perfect way to finish off a room and tie a design together. Why then not make a statement with your lighting decor? Below we have listed some of our favourite iconic lights from designers and design companies.

Verner Pantonis the only Danish designer on this list. His Flowerpot table lamp was a progressive design from the 1960s during the height of the Flower Power movement. This iconic light is a favourite because of its resemblance to a flower with its monochrome rounded shade, huge bulb and thin, long base. 

Jielde the French lighting company created by designer Jean Louis Domecq was searching to create an adjustable light that can shine on an object from any angle during the late 1940s. Thus the Jielde light was born. Its simple design is a classic and the company still hand crafts these lamps today using the original adjustable design. 

Jean Pouvré is a French designer who created the iconic Jib wall light. It has a long swing arm, wall mount and a single bulb – a minimalistic work of art that speaks for itself. It is a functional design that can swing from left to right, in order to light up every corner of a space. It is the perfect alternative to a sconce.

The Italian design company, Flos, founded in the city of Merano, has made it on our list three times. Their Guns table lamp designed by French designer Phillippe Starck features an 18-karat gold plated body designed to look like a gun straight out of a James Bond film. This statement piece is an excellent conversation starter at any party. The Taccialamp was designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. It’s a modern 1960s style lamp. The lamp looks as if it has been perched upside-down. The bowl design diffuses the light so that it gives off an ambient glow. The last light from the Flos design studio is the Snoopy lamp, also designed by the former duo. Inspired by the comic strip character, this light features a lamp shade in the shape of Snoopy’s head. The shade is made out of enamel while the base is white marble and the light shines down towards the base, reflecting it back and providing a brighter glow.

The Artemide design studio in collaboration with Dario Tognon and Studio Celli designed the Dania table lamp. This piece resembles a sculpture carved out of aluminium. It is modern and sleek and the white paint helps to illuminate a space. The last Italian design on this list, the Foscarini Binic table lamp is a fun and colourful addition to any room. This compact light was designed by Ionna Vautrin and is a very cosy light, perfect for reading books in or illuminating objects on a desk.

The last two lamps on our list are from British designers. Tom Dixon’s Bell lamp is a smooth, reflective design created out of steel with a dome-shaped shade. It comes in a variety of colours; copper, chrome, brass, iridescent blue and black. It’s perfect for a polished modernistic look. If you want an even more modern look then Lee Broom’s Crescent Mini table lamp is one to go for. Broom is like the high fashion house of interior design. The spherical creation with a crescent moon cutting through the middle is utterly unique. It is truly a unique piece that was made to be showed off.

Flowerpot table lamp available at https://cremadesign.co.za/shop/flowerpot-table-lamp-vp3/
Jielde available at https://www.jielde.com/en/
Guns table lamp by Flos available at https://limeline.co.za
Tom Dixon’s Bell lamp available at https://cremadesign.co.za