Woodlands estate, Paarl

Project Brief

High up against Paarl Mountain, completely surrounded by nature and a stone’s throw away from Paarl, Woodlands Nature Estate will provide residents with a haven, a luxurious retreat to country living.
The site for Woodlands borders the Paarl Nature Reserve and boasts an uninterrupted view of the spectacular Simonsig Mountains, Paarl, its vineyards and natural vegetation. Streams run from the mountains, giving residents the opportunity to explore nature, while shops, restaurants and excellent Paarl schools are on its doorstep.
A collaboration between Bierman Strydom and Blockplan Architects will bring this vision to life: six exclusive properties to be especially designed for this world-class boutique estate.
The setting for Woodlands is magical and the properties will be built to follow the natural contours of the Paarl Mountains. Simple forms will be gently carved into the earth, leaving the back views of the mountains undisturbed.
The elegance of basic forms and a blend of Spanish and modern styles inform the design guidelines, while materials like stone, aged timber, textured plaster and clay roof tiles affirm its design principles. Large windows will frame magnificent views that become artwork for inside spaces, connecting the buildings with their surroundings.
Modern elements of the buildings will be carefully set into the earth and cladded in rock to create a base – a plinth for a more traditional structure to rest on, respecting the architectural style of the Paarl area.
Woodlands is a superior estate that values traditional ways of life, its principles reflected in the design and architectural aesthetic of each of its buildings.